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If you need a box in 10 to 15 days and it's a basic walk-in cooler or freezer, click on the link below and choose from our discounted walk-in's. Prices are there.
If you require a custom size box with different refrigeration requirements, Call 301-593-1234 for Quotation

Below Options are answers needed to maintain the correct
temperature, size, an application for your specific needs.
Bars Pubs & Nightclubs - Beer Coolers
Convenience - Display Coolers & Caves
Floral - Floral Refrigerators
Grocery - Storage Coolers & Freezers
Residential Bars - Brew Caves
Restaurant - Food service Walk-ins
Warehouse - Cold Storage Warehouses In-Door, Out-Door, Combination Cooler/Freezer
Blast Freezers for Freezing Quick
Step-In Coolers or Freezers
If you have a concrete Floor, you don't have to have an
insulated Floor, Freezer Floors must be insulated.
Provide us with the temperature of the foods your putting
in the box so we can accurately provide you with
the correct size compressor for your needs.
We drop Ship to All of North America
Local Installation Optional

Stainless Steel: 
Remote Compressors: 
Stainless Steel: 
Remote Compressors: 
Outdoor Compressor: 
Indoor Compressor: 
Outdoor Box: 
Indoor Box: 
Custom Size N/C: 
High Hanging Coils: 
Right or Left Door Swing: 
Single Phase,Three Phase: 

Link - Prices for Stock Size Coolers & Freezers