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Click to enlargeKeating Miraclean Griddle | Electric Griddle | Model 72X30

DESCRIPTION (Shown with Optional Stand & Casters)

SPECIFICATIONS Griddle Plate to be made of high carbon, 3/4" steel plate upon which a trivalent chromium surface has been applied in a special eight step process to ensure a mirror smooth surface. The MIRACLEAN plate has an emissivity rating of .078. The 72x30 Drain Trough is 3" on the left side and 2" across the front. The drain is located above a large stainless steel grease drawer with baffles and a rear handle.
Specifications: 72x30, Heating Elements are Stainless Steel with one element for every 12" of linear plate surface, Six Thermostats, Width 72 1/2" x Depth 30 5/8" x 17 3/4" High, 12" Working Height. Working Area 69" x 24". 760lbs
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Cutting Board: 
Plate Shelf: 
4 Inch Legs: 

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